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Emerging filing trend and player in 5G technology- Short highlight by Patent Perspective

Published on march 10, 202210 min read4 comments

People have been compelled to adjust their habits as a result of COVID-19, and the need of 5G rollout has been underscored once again. Every government and private player is pushing to increase 5G coverage in order to build a reliable and stress-free network as well as to revive the economy and balance sheet. More importantly, 5G is increasingly being viewed as a transition to 6G, and technological advancement is continuing at a rapid pace.

On a global basis, the 5G market is estimated to be worth more than 1 trillion dollars each year. China is building a large-scale telecommunications network in this setting, and it is likely to become a major market. China, which has already profited from 4G's ultra-broadband network access, sees 5G as a technology that will fundamentally alter how people live and work.

Telecommunications patent holders should anticipate to actively monetize their patents covering 5G concepts and designs deemed important to the standards in this fast-moving, high-investment environment. Any company adopting these technologies would be well to explore how to decrease operational risk and expense exposure by taking a proactive strategy to 5G patents rather than a reactive one. Many of the businesses that will adopt 5G, on the other hand, have little expertise obtaining and negotiating telecoms patent licences.

DS IP Landscape study gives a quick summary of 5G advancements in the United States, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Japan, Korea, China, and Taiwan. It also accumulates and analyses the number of 5G standard-essential patents that key worldwide manufacturers have announced. Up until the end of May 2020, there are 91,806 patents and 24,790 patent families (INPADOC) identified as 5G standard-related, according to the findings. Huawei has the most patent families among the aforementioned patent families, vastly outnumbering Samsung, which has roughly 1,000 patent families. Qualcomm leads the pack in terms of patent applications with 14,833 patents. Qualcomm has filed the most standard-essential patent applications in Taiwan, with a total of 865, followed by Interdigital Madison Patent Holdings, SAS with 445, and OPPO with 240. ASUS, HTC, and MediaTek are the top three domestic manufacturers having their own 5G standard-essential patents, with 54, 45, and 11 patents, respectively.

Looking at the “citations” brings a different view of TOP player ranking

1. INTEL with 5807 citations

2. QUALCOMM with 2312

3. ERICSSON with 1480

4. LG with 876

5. HUWAEI with 676

6. ZTE with 646

7. NOKIA with 627

8. SAMSUNG with 574

Huawei and ZTE are considered as serious challengers and will certainly enter the TOP 4 in the next coming years

How to enter in 5G World as service provider?

As it is highly competitive world and currently this industry is growing with higher pace by corona impact.

Various new player entering in 5G should gone through following way to commercialize and remain in competition:

Ø Develop a patent portfolio and ensure it remains fit for purpose

Ø Think about strategically purchasing patents

Ø Secure IP rights, or third-party access to them, as early as possible in the development process

It is undeniable that judicious application of 5G technology would alter enterprises across industries. The importance of thorough planning and focused steps cannot be overstated. Companies in all industries are benefiting from knowledge and experience in risk analysis and mitigation, financial planning, and IP development and transactions, which is allowing them to unlock new business prospects, improve operations, gain access to important IP, and maximise profitability.

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